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Business VoIP | SIP Trunking is a method by which business phone systems can operate using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. CNS delivers the flexible connectivity options you need, allowing on-demand scalability and a secure connection to your platform of Unified Communication services. You get the quality and assurance of our fully managed, owned and operated advanced IP network, which delivers high definition (HD) audio and superior service without the costs associated with legacy technologies.


  • Flexible and competitive pricing
  • Full suite of advanced communications features, including DIDs, Toll- Free, e911, international calling, directory listing, and number portability
  • Rapid activation
  • Fewer circuits, less interfaces, greater efficiency, and more cost savings
  • Effortlessly scalability or over time, so you only pay for what you use
  • Enjoy the benefits of carrier-grade network that processes over 2 billion calls per month
  • High Definition (HD) audio support
  • Inbound and Outbound Voice Capabilities
  • Local DID’s, Toll free Numbers and Vanity numbers
  • National and international coverage


Costs less – Saves your business money

Scales easier - Makes it easy to scale your operation, use what you need

Reliability - Offers increased phone service reliability and security

Activation: Rapid activation, don’t have to wait for carrier to install physical phone circuits

Compatibility: Works with most major Phones, PBX systems, ACD’s and Dialers

Monitoring: - 24/7/365 Monitoring system

Maintenance: Less maintenance and no support agreements

Keep your existing Numbers: Transfer your existing DID’s and Toll free numbers seamlessly

Capacity: Unlimited capacity, scale up or down as you need

Difference Between PRI and SIP – Pay for What You Use

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

PRI is part of public network (PSTN)

  • Sold per circuit (normally 23 channels for each PRI)
  • PRI is separate from company’s internet and data circuits
  • PRI offers DID functionality
  • PRI channels are static; dormant when not in use
  • Multiple users are networked between locations to share voice channels
  • PRI requires a service contract with customer and has limited geographical service availability
  • PRI requires existence T1 card usage on the phone system
  • If channels are insufficient, a new PRI circuit is needed and can take weeks to implement

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)

VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • SIP is sold per channel and is perfectly scalable: pay for what you use
  • SIP is sold 3 ways; with Internet access, on a data circuit or as part of Internet access
  • SIP can work with both out of area and local DIDs
  • SIP is dynamic, which ensures bandwidth is used for other transmissions at low usage times
  • All users share SIP trunks at the company host site
  • SIP is cost effective and flexible making it a preferred offering by most SIP service providers
  • SIP requires an SIP gateway to connect to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) but can be engineered to work with any type of phone system. CNS provides the SIP gateway over our private IP network.


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